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Ayurveda Clinic

Jeevalayam Ayurveda clinic offers specialized services and treatments for several illnesses and ensures complete healing for patients who undergo our rejuvenation therapy and training sessions. Our experts Ayurveda physicians will reveal the blessings of authentic Ayurveda.


Naturopathic Clinic

Jeevalayam Nature Clinic provides genuine alternate Medical Health Care, Ayurveda and Nature Cure for everyone who loves to experience the healing power of Mother Nature. Healing is granted to you, if you obey nature and live accordance with the plans and tunes of nature.


Unani Clinic

Jeevalyam Unani center helps patients to feel the warmth of healing from diseases which destroyed the happiness of life. Our expert physicians will help you to embrace rejuvenation as we offer specialized care and moral support.



Jeevalayam beckons you to the world of authentic homeopathy treatments as our treatment is natural, nontoxic therapeutic system of healing that assists in the inherent ability of the body to heal itself. Our expert doctors have answer for all your health related concerns.


Panchakarma Clinic

Jeevalayam Panchakarma clinic is a specialty centre for authentic and specialized ancient Indian healing traditions. We have trained and experienced Panchakarma gurus who offer alternative cleansing therapies for your mind and body.


Wellness Center

At the Jeevalyam Wellness center , we are committed to managing several disease with a number of advanced techniques that are effective, and cause no side-effects. These incredible therapies include mud bathing, aroma therapy and natural healing methods.


Yoga Camp

Jeevalayam yoga center is the right place for people who love to discipline their life with correct body exercises and natural steps. Being a natural restoration center,Jeevalayam offers classes, workshops, retreats, private lessons, and teacher training


Holistic Center

Jeevalayam is a residential holistic natural restoration healthcare center that offers world class treatments for people who want embrace a new life of hope and complete wellness. Being a Naturopathic holistic clinic Jeevalayam offers unmatched health care remedies based on love and natural ways.

ourhappy clients

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    I forgot material world and its noises! , amazing therapies, morning yoga, beautiful nature, and friendly staff! I recommended this place to my friends so they can be future guests!


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    Wonderful treatments, friendly atmosphere, Dr.Shan healed my back pain completely

    BYPaul Varghese

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    This experience has been nothing short of extraordinary.I say good bye to Diabetic, thank you Jeevalayam


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